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About us

Higher esteem leads to better decisions.

Children with high self-esteem tend to assume responsibility, take pride in their accomplishments, tolerate frustration, handle peer pressure appropriately, attempt new tasks and challenges while successfully handling negative and positive emotions.

Unfortunately, those who do not possess these traits combined with social or economical hardships often result in failure. The Flourish Foundation, Inc. is focused on developing programs that provide support for disadvantaged youth who seek the opportunity to gain valuable personal development tools and receive support for academic achievement.

2016 Board of Directors

Sherie Hodge, Board President
Skylark Media, LLC

Andrea Bibbs, Board Vice President
Turner Broadcasting, Inc.

Kendra Stallworth, Board Secretary
Boys & Girls Club of America, Inc.

Charrisse Butler, Board Treasurer
Me3 Financial, LLC

Tayler James, Board Member

Who We Are

The vision of The Flourish Foundation, Inc. was formally incorporated in 2012 by former news media industry professional, Sherie Hodge. She began her philanthropic mission by connecting a small group of women who also shared the belief that girls who lack support, fewer resources or positive role models should not be left to navigate through the complexity of adolescence alone. Today, many support the Flourish movement by contributing their time and resources to ensure that there are more options available to those who want to succeed.

We believe that it is important that our young women know that failure, based on circumstance, is not an option. The base of our program evolves around the revelation of self-worth and the necessity to rise above adversity.

What We Do

The Flourish Foundation, Inc. is focused on launching a signature program in Georgia that offers a series of in-depth self empowerment sessions and workshops that include topics such as financial literacy, health awareness and college prep counseling. Our program also highlights esteem and leadership building through keynote presentations, open discussion forums, conflict resolution training and other vital tools to promote the positive growth of disadvantaged young women.

Why Donate

Contributing to The Flourish Foundation, Inc. means supporting the positive growth of young women who seek change. Our goal is to provide exposure, teach life skills and support the rise of self-confidence with each girl we serve. With your help, we can accomplish so much more.

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